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        The interphase insulation of the motor can be used

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        Other questions to measure motor phase insulation, too much hurt, motor power cable, especially large current cable, conductive contact surface and cable nose has a certain degree of damage, ultimately affect the running of the machine. For the motor that can be added to the grease in operation, it is basically to bet the oil on the shutdown of the motor, which is very irregular. The correct method should be under the condition that the motor operates, so that the old grease can be thrown out smoothly until the new grease comes out of the outlet.
        Can means and measures taken by the author through to the T power plant (2 x 125 mw of installed, a total of 31 high voltage motors) high voltage motor fault, in ten years shows that occurred in the operation of the high voltage motor in the 53 times of failure or obstacles in 26 times is the cause of the rotating bearing, 49% of the total number of faults, of course, two factory equipment and equipment level difference is bigger, the stand or fall of equipment at the same time also affected by maintenance personnel quality, operation maintenance level, the proportion number can only be used as a reference. Therefore, the operation detection and maintenance of rotating parts should also be emphasized.
        Actively combine the maintenance of mechanical equipment to check and maintain the motor. When the mechanical part of the equipment requires a certain length of maintenance, it can be checked and maintained according to the last maintenance date of the motor or the previous failure.
        Some motor running time is less than 100 h, and some motor in operation time accumulated thousands of h. if you can according to the motor operation mode or the nature of the load is different, targeted to shorten or extend the maintenance cycle of the motor, can improve the efficiency of maintenance work on a regular basis.



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