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        Dc deceleration motor control factors

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        Because has good linear dc motor deceleration control characteristics, simple control performance, but also has high efficiency, excellent dynamic characteristic, so widely used, so how to control in the process of use, below we look together.
        (1) positive and negative
        There is a significant difference between dc motor and dc motor in structure. Therefore, it is not possible to change the direction of the rotation by changing the polarity of the power supply. The rotation direction can only be changed by changing the relative relation between the stator windings and the rotor magnetic field.
        (2) control of the machine
        The dc deceleration motor is generated and developed with the digital control technology, so it is the main control method to realize the digital control of dc deceleration motor with microcomputer.
        (iii) speed control
        The speed regulation of dc motor speed can be realized by changing the size of voltage. There are two common methods: one is to keep the time of each phase constant. Change the voltage amplitude on the coil to achieve the speed adjustment, and the other is to keep the voltage amplitude constant and change the length of each phase to achieve the speed adjustment.



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