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        Armature reaction of dc motor

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        Dc motor is the direct current (dc) can be converted into mechanical energy or converting mechanical energy into direct current to the rotation of the motor, with the constant improvement of dc motor, its application range are also constantly expanding, almost covers all areas of our lives. To improve the understanding of dc motor, the following detailed description of the armature reaction of dc motor:
        Dc motor no-load excitation magnetic potential alone produced when the air gap flux density distribution is a flat wave, load, the armature winding through the armature current Ia, produce the armature magnetic potential Fa, together with the excitation magnetic potential Ff based load synthesis of air gap flux density, is bound to make the original air gap flux density distribution of change.
        The effect of armature magnetic potential on the distribution of air gap flux is usually referred to as armature reaction. Armature magnetic potential alone when the armature magnetic field generated in the motor air gap, then the armature magnetic field combined with no-load air-gap magnetic field can be load magnetic field, compared with no-load air-gap magnetic field, can understand the influence of armature reaction.



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